Should I or should I not confront a cheater if it happened a long time ago?

This is not your average "My spouse is cheating" kind of question for three reasons:
1. It happened a long time ago
2. Don't have very clear evidence
3. It's my dad...

So the story starts off almost 5 years ago. I was only 15 and my dad had a computer that was meant for work mainly. One time I used it, and I wanted to log in on facebook, once I opened facebook I saw that it was already open on a strange account. The account had my father's first name, while the last name just seemed made up. The account had only female friends. There were also a few messeges to girls. I was so flustered when I saw this and red lights were already flashing in my head. I told mom about it and she stared in disbelief. When dad came back home we confronted him. He seemed surprised like he knows nothing about this. Then he told me that the internet of our neighbor a lot of times mixes with ours (or something along those lines). It still didn't make sense to me, but I let it go.

5 years later, and just yesterday, I saw this post on facebook about cheaters getting caught. While reading them my mind couldn't help but go back to that incident. I looked up the facebook page that I once saw and it was still there. It hasn't been active for five years. There weren't much things that I could use to confirm that it was my dad, aside from a few subtle things I picked up, but all in all I don't really have any clear evidence. Nevertheless, my heart is restless, and my intuition is telling it was my dad.

I know that after 5 years, it just seems like a bad joke, especially now when I am sure he hasn't been doing anything since then, but I still feel the need to know. It is killing me and I want to confront him about it. How can I confront him after so long? Should I confront him in the first place? Or should I just try to let it go?

Please give me some advice. It hurts so bad.

If I can't even look up to my dad as a man, how will I ever trust any?


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