Singers of GAG: How well can you harmonize?

If you're listening to a song you like, if you know the melody well enough, are you able to work out a harmony to sing along with it?

I think I can. It just might take me a time or two to come up with something that works well. I like coming up with neat harmonies though.


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  • I sound like a dying walrus.
    I can actually do that at ease.
    I've been told I have a pretty neat voice.
    I am too shy to perform though.


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  • I was a pro musician/singer for many years, so the deck is a bit stacked. I can find several harmony parts to any song immediately. In almost all cases to songs I've never heard before as long as I have the lyrics.

    • More often than not, when I'm singing in the car, I find myself doing harmony parts. They can be pretty easy to find.

    • That's actually how I learned to sing harming so many years ago. ; - )

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  • I sound like a drowning cat. To some, this is music, to others, its just noise pollution. Like death metal.

  • It's not hard to harmonize