Europe and its future... or fate?

Europe and Europeans, how do you feel what will be after Brexit and in acc. to immigration? Europe will be weaker or it will be end? Europe will be like before or Islamic world will swallow it?


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  • I voted out because britain is the choice destination for a lot of immigrants from the middle east. I'm not bothered about european immigration it's immigration from outside the EU I don't like. They go to places like germany first and eventually get an EU passport then they can come here and we can't stop them because of the free movement of people, but we can stop that from happening now because we have control of our borders.

    • If you can read news and news from Gov., its wrong. If UK will leave - and Brexit was positive - impact on UK will be bad. ( again news and own people of UK, suddenly changed mind). There will be much more and Im scared only one - domino effect. If will be no domino effect, Europe will survive. If yes, its end of civilization.

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  • Well, first off, it's important to note that Europe is not the same as the EU. I think many people make the mistake of putting them on the same level. The EU is nothing more than an economic and partially political (though not democratically legitimated) union of nation states. Europe in its cultural, linguistic, social and political diversity is so much more than that.

    Personally, I am a happy European (I don't like the word "proud") but I am not a member of the EU. In my opinion, the EU in its current condition is bound for failure. HOWEVER, I am not worried about Europe as a continent.

    As for immigration: No, the Islamic world won't swallow Europe. That sounds more like a bad conspiracy theory.
    My country Switzerland has the second-highest immigration rate in Europe (tiny Luxembourg has the highest). Almost 25% of our population are foreigners. In my opinion, that brings us a lot of diversity. I have had the opportunity to live in other countries myself and I have a non-European girlfriend. I love the idea of living in a culturally interconnected world.
    What many people don't understand about immigration is that the number is not so important. Switzerland has FAR more immigrants than England or France relative to our population size but we have much fewer problems than these countries. What's important is HOW you integrate your foreigners. France and England both did an absolutely terrible job at this. In France, all the Arab and North African immigrants were pushed into dirty ghettos in the outskirts of the big cities (for example the Banlieus in Paris) for decades. There, they lived in poverty, misery and without any real chances to make something out of their lives. Plus, they only lived among their own kin. You can go to some neighborhoods in Paris or London and only hear Arabic. That's a clear sign of bad integration (or no integration at all). Even Sweden made this mistake to some degree.
    In Switzerland, I believe we have handled immigration much better so far. We don't have any foreigner-ghettos. The mix of natives and foreigners is really good. Plus, foreigners get real chances to get a job, settle down, learn the language etc. I think another country that did a pretty good job at this is the US. If you go to New York City for instance, you see that almost all foreigners also speak English and act in some way American. That doesn't mean they've given up their own culture but most of them found a way of living both cultures at the same time.

    • Also, please don't forget that the Brexit will have absolutely ZERO influence on the immigration of non-Europeans such as people from the middle east or north Africa. They will come to Britain just as much as before. The Brexit will only have an influence on how many Europeans come to Britain (for example Polish people).

    • Your comment it disgusting and nonsense.

    • @Mini_Bella That sounds like an ad hominem argument. Perhaps you care to elaborate.

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  • I don't think Europe will be weaker or that will come to an end. Nor do I think the Islamic world will swallow it.
    This is just a temporary crisis, it will pass.
    Anyways, I'm planning on leaving Europe soon.

  • No but they have good intellectual resources.

  • I think it's time for me to find a non-European boyfriend and move in with him 😂


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  • Britain is probably better off out in the long run, they're dealing with short-term pain for long-term gain. As far as the rest of Europe goes, who knows? On the face of it, it's a co-operative but is it really? It seems to benefit some countries more than others, look at Spain, Italy and Greece. They've lost Britain, which was a destination for many to find employment due to the strong economy, which hasn't realistically gone up in smoke overnight but now it might be harder to get there.
    I'm living in Britain and I understand why they voted leave. There's talk of other countries leaving and I kinda hope they do, the EU was a nice idea but it just turned into a silly vanity project.

    • Well, I was living in Lewisham ( London) big part of my life. And I must disagree. EU ( why lot of people wants to repeat or abandon referendum). EU is - or should be - not only about bussiness but about protectioun of Europe like its own. UK is leaving it and as I can read, its like earthquake. People are suddenly up, but too late ( not news but from my friends).

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    • I know what you mean. Perfectly. Only situation changed. This is not about UK or England.. this is about Europe. If Europe will fall, all civilsation will fall. And if anybody is saying, UK isn't important in this game, Im saying, yes, and more you think.

    • Maybe it is, but I think Europe would be more harmonious if it were just sovereign states who are strong allies and trading partners, not ruled by a sort of un-elected central government which doesn't represent the will of the diverse nations of people it's responsible for.

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