Who here agrees?

Who here agrees ?-Bruce Dickinson : front man and singer to Heavy Metal LEGEND : Iron Maiden
-Dave Grohl : ex-drummer for Nirvana and current singer / guitarist for the Foo Fighters

I know I agree and i know some of you probably do


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  • The thing is, those singing shows are about popularity, not about how good they are.
    But back in the good ol days (god I sound old but I'm sooo young) people used to smash the crap out of things... and sang.. And vwolla! MUSIC!!!
    I wish I lived in the age of garage bands.

    • i am 22 and i sound like an old man as well so don't worry i know the feeling. I listen mostly to rock and Metal so i know what you mean ;) when i see useless and talentless sluts like Nicki Minaj get famous for no reason other than her surgically remade body... i don't get it (they don't write their lyrics, don't make their music and most of the time auto tune their voice)

    • And all they sing about is sex... Constantly... And they wonder why body image is up the toilet.. Because of the unrealistic image that Nicki has.

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  • I disagree with both.

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    • please don't tell me that you think Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga deserve their popularity or their wealth for that matter

    • I don't think that fame is "deserved" so much as it is attained. The first reality is that any performer and any performance, live, written, sculpted, painted, or otherwise portrayed is doomed to fall on some dissent. These people are performers and their fans enjoy them; if it were but a matter of skill then what separates famous bands from those in the garage who are just as good? No, it is not that simple; it is luck, it is hard work, it image, it is talent to some degree.

      But I am just a man. I know nothing of the world I live in.

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