Craziest/Weirdest/Funniest thing you have ever done? Go.. ?

Guys, I sht in a bag once and didn't even make a mess.. The bag was really small but my poop was not. I hopped a 6 foot fence with one hand (I'm 5'4" btw) when I thought a dog was gonna eat me but turns out he was just out for a leashless stroll minding his own doggy business. - I lead a pretty boring life so I need your stories to entertain me :p


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  • Maybe one of the stupidest things I've ever done...

    I somehow got myself engaged in a drinking game in a bar in Tokyo with tequila shots after talking to a tiny girl and somehow going into who can drink more. My opponent, a short and cute girl, gave up after 15 tequila shots. Yet the bar got all into our little game and kept chanting my name, so I kept going with 3 rounds of tequila shots at a time -- shot, shot, shot -- 3 more -- shot, shot, shot.

    I got to some ridiculous number like 38 when I was about to drink the third only to suddenly get a tremendous urge to vomit. I quickly put my hand to my mouth but there was no time. My fingers ended up only causing the vomit to spray out, at which point pretty much everyone within a 4 foot radius of where I stood was sprayed with tequila vomit.

    Then I tried to get out of my chair only to find I couldn't stand and face-planted the floor. The customers then had to pick me out and put me in the street, at which point I was crawling around and vomiting everywhere. I thought I was going to die at that point.

    I then saw a white light coming closer and closer. It turned out to be a white cat who somehow wanted to purr and be by my side. I tried to pet it only to uncontrollably vomit again all over the cat. The cat was no longer white and no longer pleased, and it ran away making annoyed cat noises. After that I blacked out -- it was around 4am. I woke up on the same street at around midnight.

    • Holy. shit... That was awesome!!! Wow Lol.

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  • made a gag account, still lauhging lol


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  • The craziest thing I've ever done was Climb out of the drivers seat of my friends car on a highway. My friend climbed into the driver seat and I had to climb into the bed of his truck and figure out how to close the tailgate to his truck since it was broken. We had a dirtbike back there and we didn't want it to fall out.

    The weirdest thing I ever did was nearly have passionate sex in a parking garage only to get caught by a security guard and have to speed away as he was calling someone on a radio. We were under a blanket in my car and she had no top but no one saw her so I just seemed like some total weirdo.

    The Funniest thing that ever happened to me is real hard, there are a lot. I used to strap a Christmas reef to the grill of my coupe and go snow drifting around town during the holidays lol. This one time my boss asked me to get some neosporin so I got him hemorrhoid cream. My friend paid a lot of money for this old Jeep and he always praises himself for owning it even though it has no room in the back and a ton of problems. I bought a much better one for half of what he paid and I don't even really like jeeps haha!

    I dunno is any of that even funny to anyone but me?

    • Ha hahahaha hemorrhoid cream lmao :'D

  • Approached a woman out of the blue.


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