Should I bother trying to hang out with her/eventually date her?

Girl at school is going to grad school next year and I am going to be a senior there. We were lab partners together with another girl in a class last year, Unfortunately I was into the other girl in our group at the time who turned out to be an actual whore haha. I am a virgin and want to date a virgin girl, and the third girl who was in our group is just that. She's cute, really smart and a virgin (I'm 99% sure). However, I don't know if I should bother trying to ask her out at this point. In the lab she smiled at me a lot and we stared at each other for 5 second periods at a time when we were waiting to use equipment, and I think she was definitely attracted to me. But since that lab we've been in two other classes, and we've helped each other with homework but she didn't seem that into me. I asked her if she wanted to grab lunch sometime and hang out and she said she was too busy working on a project for another class, which was semi understandable, semi a crap excuse. I still think about her from time to time and would like an excuse to be able to ask her to hang out again, but there's no signs that she likes me anymore. I only want to date virgin women and down the road lose it with someone, and nowadays there just doesn't seem like there's many left out there. She seems like a sweet girl but unfortunately I may have to yet again accept that she just doesn't like me. It's always difficult for me to show a girl I like who I really am when we are in an academic environment because I just want us to succeed there, and not let other crap get in the way. It's just too bad. Is there anything I can possibly do at this point, or should I just give up on this particular girl for good? We may be in a class or two together this year but I'm not sure yet. I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable but I'd also like to date a woman in my lifetime, and meeting another virgin is like finding a needle in the haystack


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  • Go for it! You never know if she could be the one.

    • Right, but how? Like I know she used to think I was attractive, but she hasn't shown any good signs since that class. I asked her to hang out and she said no, so it's kinda hard to find an excuse to ask her out unless something comes up during the next school year

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    • No lol his phone is broken

    • So I just have to wait it out

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