If someone is more powerful than you will they always want to make you feel inferior?

I used to boss people around at school. Not in a mean way, more like in a group setting for example, I'd always be the one doing everything and would make it known.

However, there was this co-op/work program thing at my school that I wasn't a part of (I didn't try for it, but most people assume that those not in probably couldn't get in).

Now I feel... like when those people came to know I wasn't in it, they probably hated me so much. That may be why they're trying to make me feel bad now.

I just assumed... they will all think I didn't get in and think wow that girl who was nowhere was trying to show US how to do things?

I'm sorta just staying away from school. I don't want to be the target of their hatred.


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  • Not necessarily. I know powerful folks who are pretty humble and I know people who are less powerful than me who want to make me feel inferior (rednecks and ghetto hoodrats).

    It's not about being powerful, it's about being insecure that makes them do it.

    • But I hurt them so isn't it a natural law that they will hurt me?

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  • That's not a good trait... though I myself am bossy even though I don't want to act like it. I don't think they're trying to do that intentionally


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  • No one is more powerful than me. Do you know why?

    Because I'm a free man, in a free country, in the greatest of all times indeed the only time there is. This instant.

  • Not always no. But it certainly happens.

    • But I hurt them, so isn't it the way the world works that now they know the truth about me they will try to hurt me?

    • As I said, it certainly happens. But not all do it. Cannot say anything more specific wihtout knowing the people involved however.

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