I've Just Done the Stupidest Thing Possible?

Fuck. I think I just committed suicide because i have done the stupidest thing on earth. Right, I'll tell you what I did but I'm warning you what I did was just plain stupid. I needed music for some music for my bus because i was taking the bus into work for once in my life. I decided that my fathers first gen ipod was perfect for that since it had *HAD* like 4000 songs on it. I say that in past tense because after my colossal fuck up it doesn't anymore. I plugged it into my laptop and went into itunes to download some of MY songs onto it since all it had on it was pink floyd, rolling stones, deep purple etc you get the idea. And as i was downloading my music a little thing popped up saying "Restore ipod" and it wouldn't let me press anything BUT the restore button so I thought "What's the worst that could happen" My death apparently because It erased ALL the music. So please, please, please does ANYONE know how to fix this?


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  • Exactly what Anonymous (18-24) wrote. All his songs are still on his iTunes. Make up an excuse why you need his iTunes password like "I can't log into iTunes. What's your password so I can see if it's on their end" OR "can you log me into your iTunes I want to look for a specific song"


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  • You have to sign in to your dads iTunes account and add the songs again. You can't do it from any other account. Godspeed, OP. Godspeed.

  • Just use Recuva. The music shouldn't be truly "wiped" from the device.

  • lol that's why you never plug in someone else's iPod to your own computer. He still has all the songs in his own iTunes collection right?

    • I believe so but I don't want to tell him, no thank you, but I don't know I just wanted some music, life is just a bitch sometimes.

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    • You've just saved someones life so I'm 99.99% sure you'll get into heaven. Thank you.

    • lol you're welcome

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