Idea for a story/movie?

Guy who is a big fan of the turn of the century (Charlie Chaplin, fancy clothes, antiques, ext) has an old styled alarm clock with the bells on top a tiny hammer in the center, he has this alarm clock next to his bed and a coffee cup of his own. wakes up one morning half asleep intends on grabbing the coffee cup but grabs the clock by accident. Pours coffee on the clock (still thinking it's his cup) (the is a day old and cold) puts the clock in microwave to heat up the coffee (still thinking it's his cup) (and metal trends to spark in the microwave) the clock starts sparking and eventually it sends him back in time to 1914 during WW1.

This is all I have for now. What do you think?


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  • Hmm interesting is it a historical fiction?

    • I never really thought about it but (historical science fiction) sounds about right.

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