Where is all the brexit doom and gloom that was being promoted pre-referendum?

"The FTSE 100 jumped another 0.5 per cent in today's trading, following two days of rising by around 2.5 per cent, which collectively have seen around £64BILLION added to the index.

The market has now surpassed its pre-referendum level to sit at around 6388 - a high not seen in almost three months.

Experts said the FTSE 100's boom was remarkable, after a sharp fall on Friday triggered by trader's surprise at the vote outcome."

http :// www. express. co. uk /finance/city/684875/FTSE-100-continues-to-soar-as-Brexit-Britain-bounces-back

honestly, the way people were carrying on made it feel as though the world was going to end if Britain voted out. I know its still early days, but things have already calmed down and the £ is slowly recovering.


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  • Basically, the markets are gambling that either the Brexit won't actually happen or that it won't change as much as people who voted for "Leave" wanted.

    Let's see what happens in the next few months. 😉

    • but surely the uncertainty would be harming the markets more?

      I agree, its too early to tell and we need to wait to see what happens but they promised armageddon and that doesn't seem to be the case :p

    • I bet there'll be consequences. Maybe not as dire as some people have predicted. But then again that might be because not much would change.

      Take the issue of immigration and access to the EU markets, for instance. France and Germany both made it clear that if the UK wants to keep access to EU markets, they'll have to allow for people to continue to freely move into and out of their territory. And that it has a cost.

      So right now it seems that the worst that could happen is that #Brexit supporters will be mad at how little things actually change.

  • This is the leftist argument for EVERYTHING. "If you do X, Y, Z, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN!" whereas people on the right such as UKIP tend to back up their arguments with facts and logic that you'd have to essentially be an idiot to disagree with. As a rule of thumb, whenever John Oliver says to do something, do the exact opposite and you'll be fine.