LG G4: amazing camera, horrible phone! Anyone else frustrated?

Today I'm having more texting issues...

It's known all across the Android forums how buggy this damned phone can be.

In addition to a "text not sent" error after it's already sent, and double messages, or texts not sending/receiving at all, I got a really weird one today:
An entire paragraph from a text I sent two weeks ago tacked itself onto the end of a long text I sent my boyfriend earlier today. It showed up that way on his end in the text he received, but with multiple misspelled words.

We both have the G4 on AT&T, but they might as well be two different phones. Sometimes, apps that he has are "not compatible" with my device, and other times I'll get updates long before him. The last time Android updated, I had it two months before it was even available to him.
Just had to have a replacement G4 sent out when mine went into an "endless reboot", a known hardware issue across all networks. And he has had to replace a defective battery.
I only bought this phone for the night photo capabilities, and I will NEVER buy LG again. Can't wait to go back to Samsung!!


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  • i have G3. luv it. Wife has G4. not happy.

    • I think my boyfriend had a G2 before now; it was an ok phone. But the tablet that came bundled with the G4, the 7.0 G-Pad is just as buggy! It lags so bad!

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  • Why did you have to remind me? Shit. I have to buy a phone.

    • I can't afford to just pay this one off, so I'm stuck with if until at least August.

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    • @nickh1100 You don't think I've already tried everything? I even posted a topic about it several months ago. It's a software issue.

    • just tried to help.

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