How can I cope with this brutal life?

Hello, i am a lonely, poor boy (21 year-old). The only thing that i have is my family in this life. Our financial situation is bad. My father is cancer. I have to look after my family. I fear that i will lose my dad :( if i lose my family i can't live. i dont have anyone that can support me except my family :( no real friends, no girl friend... I feel so weak. Once i had an online girl friend for a year. I loved her so much. i never met with her in real life today i lost her after she left me Today i got worst. I have been crying for hours. I vomit. because i can't imagine a good future. Everything goes wrong in my life. I am so emotional, weak boy. I wish i was married to a girl who will support me in this brutal life. This lonelyness kills me. I suffer, cry, vomit this life is too much for me. I beg you.. advice me.. help me i am so helpless i need your thoughts please help me. Insult me if you want.

Please dont ignore me i still cry 😭

Why noone cares me , i dont know why i am such a worthless person :'(


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  • Try to get a job you might like and be brave.. Everyone had ups and downs. Hope your dad gets better. And avoid online "girlfriends" from now on... real ones are better.

    • I can't forger her i ll never find an online girlfriend u r so right i can't sleep i remember her

    • Negative attitudes make people even more depressed. adopt a positive attitude and shake it off. The biggest problem you have here is your father's illness, which can't be easy... The rest is not impossible to conquer... good luck

    • Thank you my friend :( good luck

  • Start jogging

    • Thank you for your opinion

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  • Believe me

    Start lifting brah

    • I was lifting but i have been restinf for 4 weeks i will start it soon thank you for u replied my question

    • Yea, Don't stop and get bak in it

    • Lift for strength

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