Is she going to feel it?

My cat just got fixed. During her surgery the doctor found out she was pregnant. They took them out bc she said it was unlikely they would have survived after the drugs and stuff given to my cat for the surgery. It was very early in the pregnancy. She said they were fluid still. I feel so bad. Will my cat notice their gone? I don't know if cats get depressed. I had no idea. She was a stray before I adopted her and it was my first cat so I didn't notice any symptoms. She did eat and sleep a lot but thats it. She was very active when she wanted to be. She let people pet her stomach. She was very friendly. Was her pregnancy why she was so affectionate and will she go back to her old self? I feel so awful.


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  • i want to rip my heart out after read that

    • I know I feel so bad. I started crying after the doctor told me to. I let them know she was a stray and the doctor felt her tummy multiple times during her visits. I told her how she slept a lot. She said it was to early to have known.

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    • I wish i could hug you idek you and i feel so guilty

    • I started bawling, I am a murder. How could I not think to ask for a ultra sound 😔 She seems ok. She is eating and still affectionate. When the doctor was telling me about the bad news, it sounded like they could have kept them in. I don't know why they didn't stop and not go through with the surgery when they found out.