I feel like a lot of people can't stand me & it feels like people are afraid to talk to me & tend to avoid me. Do you think its just in my head?

I tend to over think things A LOT and worry a lot. I don't know why I feel this way... Please be nice. Please...


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  • How would anyone who has not seen you "in action" know the answer to this question?

  • yes its in your head maybe you might have some sort of paranoid personality but dont think about it. there is always someone out there that won't like you


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  • Hi, @BeeandChunk...
    I don't know you but I have Never seen nor heard any Bad from anyone about you, here, dear. Perhaps being a Newbie on the Low Level totem pole, you feel like this.
    Welcome to Gag, and just relax and enjoy. Being helpful by Answering many issues that are on this site, you will Feel Fit in, in no time.
    Good luck. xx

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