HELP. I think I have multiple personality disorder?

I'm pretty sure I have this because I seem to have two personalities as some certain point, like a different me but inside me. I can't control it just happens I seem to talk different act different and I'm pretty sure people see it or at least they might not feel comfortable because they can't seem to know who I really am.
I check out the symptoms and I have them all. I don't know what to do I have a boyfriend since 5 years and I don't know if I should tell him that I think I have this.


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  • thats ok


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  • You should probably get diagnosed by a professional to be sure you have it. Those symptoms can mean so much more than multiple personality. So... Before telling him, get a diagnosis.


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  • Do you have real friends? Or you change them a lot?
    Unsafe random sex?
    Self harm?(drugs , suicide , driving reckless or anything)
    You have distorted self image already
    Do you have believe you are sticking to or they change!

    • Since high school I stop talking to my friends now I really don't talk to nobody only my boyfriend and family. I only have sec with my boyfriend. I didn't get the last part.

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    • No , and clear belief on what

    • On anything
      Look it seems your OK , and you don't have a severe illness as disorder
      But u should see a shrink

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  • See a psychiatrist. Maybe they can help you or at least point you in a good direction.