Does a belly button piercing hurt?

Okay so I am 15, and my parents are allowing me to get my belly button pierced. I know I want it, I've wanted it for a little bit over a year now. But I never bothered to get it until now, well I'm getting it done a few weeks before school starts so it will have time to heal. But I am really nervous about getting it done, because I don't really know if I have a high or low pain tolerance I think I have a high pain tolerance but I'm not sure.

I haven't had much experience w/ getting piercings. This will be my 2nd piercing the last piercing I got was my ears and I was 1 year old. So I don't remember how I took it, I probably cried because I was so young but anyways, I HATE needles they freak me out, I've watched different videos of girls getting it done and some cried and some didn't but it made me cringe because it looks like it hurts!

I can take shots, those don't hurt at all, but I still hate getting them. Those most pain I've ever experienced w/ a needle was when I got a chicken pox shot and I would rate that a 3/10 I've also had to get an IV while I was in the hospital, and it was in for 24 hours. And it was bent so it would cause pain but that didn't hurt at all either. I am just really nervous about getting it.

How bad does it hurt? And how do you clean it? I really need to get some tips before I get it.


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  • You can use basic soap with no dyes or extra chemicals. Also remove the crusts on the piercing with a q tip and turn the piercing it may hurt in the 3-5 days but it will prevent from getting too crusty. Wash your hands everytime you're about to clean it.

    It hurts a little bit but you will be ok, the "pain" comes a couple days after you get it pierced. And it's not really pain like cramps it's an uncomfortable sensationI would say it's a 4-5 out of 10

  • If a chicken pix needle hurts, that a piercing needle will most definitely. Ear lobes are pierced with a 20g or 18 g needle (lower the number the bigger the needle). Big IVs (according to my mom) are 16g at the biggest, usually 20g or 18g. Belly buttons are pierced with either 14g 12g or 10g. Just don't look at the needle. Don't move. Inhale, and exhale while he/she pushes the needle through. They should do this but ask them just to make sure.