To people who dislike the opposite sex: why? What made you feel this way?

  • I envy their power
  • They wouldn't have sex with me, or give me their time
  • I've had bad experiences with them
  • More than 1 of the above
  • They're violent
  • Other
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anybody else?


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  • They are sexist and judge looks more. They are more likely to reject because of disability and they get special treatment on everything especially the justice system. They never accept when they are wrong and won't admit the bad traits in their gender.

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    • That's mental disorder, not physically disabled

    • Do you not listen, that is what I am referring to. Clearly you already know that but don't want to accept that I am right.

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  • Most of them just want you for sex, that's it. If you get knocked up then that is your problem, not theirs. Oh, you're pregnant? LOL whatever bye. *disappears forever*


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  • not hate but this irritates me:

    1. I just don't like when they ignore me or waste time. Look If you don't like me say it to my face and I'll fuck off lol, after she's the one who initiatives on me first...

    2. And I don't like it when women in the street generally assume you are checking them out when you're not...

    3. When they don't know who they are... damn that's irritating af

    same things can be related to us, so it goes both ways too xD

  • Mine is other, but instead of continuing to harvest those bad feelings, I'm trying to fix them so I can stop hating them. I don't wanna be this way

    • So what's the reason?

    • It's an essay. But like I said, instead of continuing to feed those negative thoughts, I'd rather put my efforts towards changing

    • do tell! I am curious. :o

  • I dislike everyone equally.. no prejudice.

  • lol no i like women too much to hate em.

  • I don't hate, hate is strong word.

  • I hate all humans.

  • They're violent

  • For some reason, I hate them more when I am at home by myself, then when I go out and interact with them, I hate them less.

    But I hate the things they get for free (or easier) and I hate if they are pretentious due to their looks.

    I also seem to have an unnatural urge to dominate, control, argue with, and even degrade them. I always have to be on top (I don't mean in bed, I mean in the interaction).

    • have you gone to a psychiatrist to talk about these issues? this isn't normal.

    • @Luminifera I think I should work them out by socializing. Psychiatrists would just put you on meds. Counseling might help, but you have to find the right counselor, which is easier said than done and often becomes redundant.

    • sorry, i keep forgetting words for health people in English mean different things. I guess I meant a psychologist or a therapist?

  • I voted for C. :(

    I do not hate women but I am sick and tired and so fed up of being hated by women just because of my gender and being treated like total shit because I am a man and therefor they make out that automatically makes me an asshole. Not all women do this but a lot do.

    • Last year was by far my worst year and I am still putting my life back together but even last year I do not hate women because I know there are some good women out there.

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