In your perspective, is there more pain or pleasure in the world?

I had thought it was common sense that the world is mostly full of pain, but clearly I was mistaken in that assumption. In my view, entropy reigns. All foul will last; all beauty dies. The better the pleasure, the more pain you have to pay when the pleasure wears off. Nothing is free, and pleasure is always bought with pain. As a drug addict by the age of 14, I feel like I learned that lesson profoundly well. But perhaps others think differently.

I'm not looking to tack off a list of every person in the world and measure accurately how much of each there is. That's just impossible. So, this is all entirely based on your subjective outlook. What you've seen, experienced, read, etc. How you view the world.

Also, if you comment, could you leave your country with your perspective?

  • There is more pleasure in the world.
  • There is more pain in the world.
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  • There is more pleasure in the world if you are willing to see and catch it. The problem is that many people in our developed world expect really crazy amounts of pleasure. They want to win in the lottery and things like that. But if you only open yourself for the small beauties of life, they will lighten it up tremendously. I walk up today with the sunlight on my face. That made me very happy. I got sweet text messages from my girlfriend who is currently on vacation. That made me very happy. I played my guitar. That made me very happy too. And before I'll fall asleep, I'll read a few pages of a cool novel I'm currently reading and I'm already looking forward to it. That will make me happy again.
    Pleasure doesn't always need to be huge. It can be small things that make your day. It's an interesting fact that people in very poor countries are sometimes happier than people in rich countries. Sure, we have our universities and our health care and our cars and tons of food everywhere and computers and Iphones and whatnot. And yet, when you go to Zimbabwe or the Congo, some of the poorest countries in the world, you see people laugh and sing. Trains in my country run like a clockwork. Even 3 or 4 minutes delay rarely ever happen. Yet, when it happens and people get late to work (many people in my country commute by trains, we don't have subway), they get really grumpy about just a few minutes of delay. They walk around with a grumpy, bitter face. A friend of mine has lived in Kenya and Mozambique for some time. She told me that in Mozambique, nobody really knows when the next train comes. But the point is: people just take it easy. She told me that the attitude about trains in Mozambique can be summarized like this: "If my train doesn't come now, it'll maybe come in an hour. Or two. Or three. If it doesn't come at all, I'll just go home and come back tomorrow, maybe it'll come then".
    There might not be as much food and technology and health in Mozambique or Kenya or other countries in Africa but people are relaxed and easy-going. They don't spend their life running around getting things done all the time. That is also pleasure. It's a different form of pleasure. Pleasure is everywhere, you just need to see it and be open for it.

    And as a side note: watch the movie "The Road" with Viggo Mortensen. It's an absolutely awesome movie. After that movie, you'll cherish literally everything. Be it the beautifully green trees outside your window or a simple apple.

    • It seems you have a unique perspective in this.

      I'm sure those people in the congo have smiles on their faces while they die of malaria or HIV or get shot or beheaded by African warlords.

      I will watch the movie.

    • I'm just giving you MHO because you put good effort in and had a decent argument, even though I wholly disagree with it. Although, a paragraph break or two wouldn't kill you.

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  • While I agree that there is more pain than pleasure in the world, I also believe that the pleasure outweighs the pain in how feels. The pain is just a nagging that is always present, and you can distract yourself from it every once in awhile. But pleasure, it's has such a strong or profound effect that if you felt it as consistently as the pain, you'd lose your mind. (US)

    • All due respect, I don't think you're taking terminal illness, mental illness, starvation, abject poverty, murder, rape, imprisonment, oppression into account. The sheer experience of dying and death alone would counterbalance most pleasure you experienced in your life, even if it was mostly pleasure. It might be a "nagging" pain, in your situation, but I don't think that qualifies for billions of other people. As for degrees, anyone would go insane with the proper amount of pleasure or pain. I don't see how you're weighing one more than the other.

    • Very true, but for me, it's relative to my views on death.

  • Yes I know there's more pain in the world as my entire life has been filled with pain and agony with few and far between moments of joy.


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  • You see.. this world we live in is not black and white.. it's mostly grey
    Sometimes you're the happiest person alive
    Other times you just want to kill yourself 😊
    It's just Up's and down's
    But after all.. always remember that wherever the devil goes.. god's mercy will find it's way

  • There is more pain in the world.