If you could take something back, what would it be?

Could be anything, something you said, someone you left, something you did, something you gave away..


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  • I hurt a girl I was with a couple years ago. I was immature and I wasn't sure how I felt for her I got into a cycle.

    Get with her
    Question my feelings
    Break up with her

    This happened over and over and over again for the better part of a month. She had BPD and though it wasn't bad then, what I did made it worse. Both my friends and her friends could tell that she was breaking. There was just something off about her.. she gradually became more unstable and we got the feeling that she was becoming delusional about certain things like how she was gonna move in with my girlfriend and I and have loud sex with me every night. Mind you this was long after the whole cycle thing. I stayed friends with her even though I didn't have feelings for her because I thought that maybe through friendship I could make it up to her and help her get out of this funk she was in because she refused to get help. But after discussing it with a mutual friend of hers, I decided to tell her to tell her mom that she needs help. She did. Her mom told her to stop talking to me. She did.

    Now I hope that she can get the help she needs and eventually get over me. I caused that girl so much pain, pain that eventually led to this. If I would take anything back it would be to go back two years and just stay friends with her. I'm now in the process of living it down. Hopefully her cutting me off will help me do that and forgive myself for the emotional roller coaster I put this girl through.

    • I am sorry for what both of you went through and I wish you both move on, but your reflection and your hurting conscience just make you a better person...

    • Thanks. That means a lot.

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  • my health

    • I wish you get back your health too.
      We often don't value our health until we lose it.

      “Take advantage of five things before five other arrive:
      your youth, before you become old;
      your health, before you fall sick;
      your richness, before you become poor;
      your free time before you become busy;
      and your life, before your death.”

    • Thank you ! I hope so.. ı have no choice than waiting and thinking positive

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  • A situation I mishandled with a previous roommate of mine, but it has worked out for the better

    • If it has worked out for the better, why would you take it back?

    • Because I regret that the separation had to be because of that particular event, but overall I think it was for the best that we went our separate ways

  • all money i ever spend

  • At this point my entire life.

    • Grew up being lonely but mindless. No concept of self or what I want to do with my life. After finding out I've wasted all my life in school I have no drive to do anything with the remainder of my life.

    • First of all you are still very young to talk about wasting your life, you are in time to get a degree if you don't have one, or learn a skill, whatever appeals to you more. If you feel overwhelmed for now, give yourself some time to calm your nerves and have your ideas clearer. It's never too late to start over.

  • opportunity. I should have eaten that fried chicken


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