What's it like in NYC between 4am and 6am?

The sun rises at 5:30am in NYC and I want to see it but to do so I have to take the train to the city with would be roughly 40 mins to get where I want. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever been out at 4 to 6 am since my parents tell me that's a dangerous time so technically I'm not even allowed to go.


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  • It really depends on where you go in NYC. Downtown manhattan is really quiet and empty that early but I've never felt unsafe there

    • I actually wanted to go to Gantry State Park so that's in Queens but like on the veeeery edge so I can watch the sun rise over the Manhattan skyline
      I can't find anyone willing to go this early with me so I'll be going alone too. Also I'm a short, young girl so I don't know if that makes me at anymore risk.

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    • And thanks for the help! I agree with the sketchy people on the train but I feel like there are always sketchy individuals especially in nyc

    • Thanks. I hope you get to see your sunrise

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