How do I deal w/ a super strict stepmom?

My dad remarried a little bit over a month ago. And I honestly don't like my step mom that much sometimes, because she is so strict about everything! Even her daughter (who just turned 30) said she is impossible too. For example I recently just ran out of shampoo, and I used a special kind and it's 50$ and I know that's pricey but it works really well and I buy it because I have color treated hair. And it is the best sulfate-free shampoo that I've ever used. (sulfate fades the color) And I asked if I could get some more, and keep in mind she spends money every single day on crap she doesn't even need.

And she said NO and she got all hateful about it, so I got upset but I didn't say anything about it. And I looked online for a cheap color treated hair shampoo that has no sulfate for 1 hour, and I found one for 7$ and I asked if I could get that instead and she said NO again and she got even more hateful she said I have to use what she uses which is Pantene, and that's bad for your hair and it made me have really bad dandruff when I used it as a kid. And I told her that, and she said "I DON'T CARE IF I CAN USE IT YOU CAN USE IT"

she gets so strict over the smallest thing such as shampoo which is ridiculous. And before my dad married her he let me get it! But now she's the boss, everything goes by her rules, when my dad should be the one who makes the rules for me. I've tried talking to my dad about this, and he disagrees and he tells her then she gets mad and yells at me.

She also yells at me if I forget to close the shower curtain back after I am done in the shower, and she doesn't even allow me to stay up all night during the summer time. And she tries to limit my time on the internet now, and she will try to take my phone or laptop over the dumbest things. And I'm already overwhelmed bc she is making me switch schools and I'm fixing to be a freshman.

Can someone help me what do I do?


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  • Are you being ugly to her? Many young kids, especially girls have problems with their stepmothers.

    • no I'm not. I'm really nice to her, she calls me a sweet kid all the time.

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    • Nope. He goes along w/ it as if nothing is wrong. Although I feel like that has something to do w/ my actual mom, she passed away last year. And I think that he is so scared of losing another woman that he won't address anything to her. And he just goes along w/ everything.

    • That may very well be. I foresee a nasty confrontation coming between you two.
      Ugly things will be said and possibly done. Feelings will be hurt and it will put
      your father in an impossible situation. I can understand his fear of having another wife die on him. The love of my life was murdered by her brother my senior year in college. So
      I know that fear all too well. As far as her treatment of you. That cannot continue !
      I think you're beng reasonable and she's the shrew. Might she be bi-polar?

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  • Sincerely REBEL! If your dad is not able to stand up for you, stand up for yourself.
    Your dad just like mine is blinded by love and he is not able to help it. His 'slut' does not even live with him and my grandma (who is 85 and cannot walk around that much without effort) but after she once said that she did not want anything on the table, my dad makes sure that not a single object is on the table even when she leaves. Now it is a matter of good education to not keep anything on the table but if he puts things away my grandma has to make a big effort to go and grab them. She protested but my dad did not listen because when the slut comes back everything has to be the way she wishes to have it even if that is not her house. I don't live there either but it makes me angry and you know what? I say what I think and I do what I think is right regardless of what she wants and if it means fighting and arguing with my dad I do. I refused to meet her, I refuse to cooperate and make it easy for them. I m sorry to say that but till it's small things like that he won't stand up for you, you have to do it for yourself and if it means arguing or even leaving for your own mental safety, do it. You don't have to take this pain on you, nobody has the right to hurt your feelings, speak up, defend yourself because he won't do it for you.


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  • You could get a summer job or put a gofundme

  • 1. Don't color your hair, then you won't need $50 shampoos.
    2. If you must have it, then get a job to pay for it.
    3. If all else fails, then A. Grow up, B. Get a job then C. Move out on your own.


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