Moving to Canada?

So I'm [almost] 15, Australian, and determined. I want to live in Canada.
But, I'm not exactly sure how to do it, in fact, I'm not really sure where; or how to start. I mean I'm only in the ninth grade, I don't even have a job. I don't have much money saved up, except for a couple of hundred dollars. I don't plan on moving over there now, but when I'm at least 19 or 20.

I do have some idea of places I would like to live; mostly in Ontario (Ottawa / Toronto), but I need an immense amount of help to gain a clearer idea of living there. I need knowledge on my expenses, money for rent on an apartment, money for food, money for electricity, money for transport, money for university, money for this, money for that. I need someone to tell me how to start.

If anyone has a video, website, or any form of help, please link them, or contact me.
Thankyou to everyone who is taking me seriously.


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  • The food in Australia is much better.

    But if you really want to go, why don't you google for a Canadian government site with immigration information? Then you can start looking up the other things you want to know.

    What makes you so interested in Canada anyway? Tired of poisonous snakes and spiders?

    • Call me weird, call me fucked in the head, but I just feel the need to start a new life over their, thats the person I am. I've always felt I need to do this, and I don't know any other place other than Canada to do so. I've heard soooooo much about it, and yet have such little knowledge on it. That's what makes me excited, I want to live there and make my life, and forget my past (not that it was or is a bad past, but I want to do things for myself).

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    • Not something I discuss publicly.

  • Maybe you could go to Canada for Uni if that's in your plans. Then you could get an idea of where you might like to live, or decide that you would rather stay in Australia.

    • My plans were actually to have a kind of gap-year in between high school and university, where I would spend half of my time in Australia, and the remaining half in Canada, which would lead me to prep for university and settle in. Australia will always be home for me, but I am all about starting something for myself. I just want to start a new life in a different country. To put it simply, Australia has a British past, and an Asain future. I just want to experience something different, and to me, Australia has been really slow, and I feel like Australians are... dumb? You'd understand if you were from here, but it's just the vibe.

  • what. but you have so much wild gold there.