How do you tell if your being played?


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  • ok whats the situation?

    • so I met this guy, we instantly hit it off. He's friends tell me he's a but promiscuous and to watch out... I wanted to know what you think, so here's the story.

      i met him at a party (it was a Friday), we met up Saturday and went to the beach and for coffee, thjat night we met at the pub. By Monday I was at a gatho at his house, and Thursday he took me out to dinner... He's never tried anything on with me till 2 days ago... It's been a month since we met. And I'm so confused... Like I like him, but I don't know if he did, or if he's just playing me... If he just wanted me for sex, would he have put in all the effort of getting to know me, taking me to dinner, meeting his friends etc?

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    • On that part, it's sometimes, not all the time...

    • ok so it feels natural.. thats good so from what you have told me he seems legit for the most part.. As always i want you to be careful and always look for red flags.. because all it takes is one guy to really mess you up

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  • Is he always getting calls or texts from other girls? Does he cancel your plans at the last minute to go and hang out with the guys? When you confront him does he say, ''No, baby, it’s not like that?''

    If you’re getting the ''No, baby.'' line, then there’s a pretty good chance you’re being played. Vague answers with the defensive ''it’s not what you think'' are almost always bad signs.

    Or either does your guy refuse to talk about his emotions with you? Sometimes, this is a self-defense mechanism for the guy who’s been broken-hearted before. More importantly, however, when you talk about yours, does he blow them off or make light of them?

    If you’re trying to seriously talk about how you feel and your guy keeps blowing off your feelings or telling you you’re being too sensitive, then he’s playing you. This guy does not want to be emotionally involved and he’s definitely using you, be wary.

    Wishing you the best of luck.

  • Honestly I need more details to answer this question.