When was your best July 4th so far?

Everyone in the US is celebrating today, right? Independence Day, July 4th and many people certainly have good stories to tell about this day. So, share those stories with us. When was your best July 4th so far?

In my case... I'm not American, so there are no celebrations where I live. 4 years ago though, the day was really special. I'm Brazilian and a huge fan of the football (soccer) team Corinthians! In 2012 we were playing the last game of the competition "Libertadores da América" (it corresponds to the European Champions League here in South America). Our rivals always mocked us because we had never won it.

Everyone was excited about it. Over 30 million supporters of Corinthians were certain of the victory and everyone else was agains us! We'd play agains the feared Argentinian team Boca Juniors. Well, we won!!

This was my best July 4th so far. That day is UNFORGETTABLE! What about you?


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  • This one so far, unless I die today. then it won't be.


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  • This is the first one since I've been a working adult where I've had the whole weekend off from Saturday until today.

    And I got to go up north Friday after work until about an hour ago today, so it's definitely top of the list.

    • Wow, things must be tough there, here in Brazil it happens sometimes during the year when we have holidays on Mondays and Fridays... and we have many holidays.

      Hope you enjoyed your days off ;)

    • Well no I used to work retail lol and now I don't anymore, hence having the weekend and holiday off.

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  • I don't keep track of my July 4th days so I don't know. Don't celebrate it like others do. It's just an ordinary day to me. Nothing interesting has happened so far. 3:25pm where I am.

    • Ordinary to me too, but that July 4th in 2012 was unforgettable, the only one unforgettable so far.

  • Plan to return to my Final Fantasy marathon tonight, took a break after 7 since it sort ofwinded my enthusiasm.