Support for Government Policy to Support Relational Education?

Would you support a government policy that encouraged relational education prior to getting married or having the 1st offspring? The idea would be to improve the quality of relationships in your country and thus reduce social burden and improve livelihood of people. The reward would be a tax benefit for the married couple.

Example policy would provide educational support courses [at a certain age], training on relationships, and professional counseling for the woman and man. A certification test would be required and approval from a counseling board. Certification is required and standards would have to be upheld. Approved counselors would need to provide approval they are ready for marriage. They could get married without approval, but would not get the tax benefit if they failed. Followup counseling sessions would also be required as part of the plan.

If a child is on the way or within some period of time, they have to attend a variety of training classes on nutrition, relationships, parenting skills, counseling. Counseling could lead to other required treatments for mental health. Certification is required and if they are not approved, they don't get the benefit (see below) and have to continue

Reward for the work would be a deduction on taxes. The deduction on taxes would be an immediate loss to tax payers with the idea being would reduce social costs in crime and improve social well being.

There is a net gain in jobs, so some benefit in economic activity... although the money comes from social taxation... cost to tax payers in short term.

Note: Flaws: at some point if enough people are married... single people are paying for married people and there aren't enough of them... yea... nothing is perfect... details...

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  • I selected "No" because I know any such training would just amount to bullshit. Telling a man what HE needs to do, but never telling a woman what SHE should do. AND it won't include courses on female psychology, nor would it detail just what he can expect when she gets bored and decides to divorce for cash and prizes.

    • I haven't defined the training... I'd make it and evolve it to whatever is most effective to keep marriages in good health. To me, that would require female psychology and male psychology.

      It could easily be watered down to BS though since the government tries to satisfy every need, so maybe leave it more in local control vs central govt.

      Thanks for feedback Barrabus!

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    • Again I think the Bible got this right in the story of Adam/Eve.

      Who picked the bitter fruit: the woman
      Why? Cause she was DECEIVED and easily lead astray by her own desires
      Where was the man? Standing next to her and he submitted to her [women thus want strong emotional men, they can't stand it and malfunction when the man submits to their emotional lack of stability]
      What was the result? Pain and suffering

      My point is this... I've had the same challenge of... how should I function in this culture and society... it is corrupted and so easy to just be part of it. We all want to win with women and if their rules are low end, so we stoop with them.

      But my concern is... like that of the civil war and fall of man and what you've noted... allow insitutionalized wrongness to continue unabated and it leads to exceptional pain and suffering. Thus, what is the man's role in this setting?

      Have you been wronged by a woman? Many I see want a good monogomous relationship...

    • but they struggle and suffer to find it and are easily lead astray.

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  • i would only support it if the education was on equal terms.

    • equal male to female?

    • yes like that. i think that feminists would try and get a monopoly on the education so they can advance womens rights but leave men out of the question and this would contribute to inequality between men and women. it is no secret that mens problems are not really cared about in society.