Do you think helicopters can see in your windows?

Like on TV they can always see criminals on the ground.
I live on the top floor, high up, nobody can see in my window so I'm always just lounging around naked and don't always close the curtains or blinds. Some helicopter was just hovering for ages near my house, looking for somebody I guess. Anyway, do you think they could see in my window? I never thought of that til now, but now I wonder lol because I'm always naked and sometimes there's helicopters.


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  • I really think the helicopters have better things to do

    • Haha yes not that I think they're flying around just to look into windows, but just if they're looking around and happen to see inside peoples homes sometimes.

    • Lmao don't worry about it

      These guys fly in HELICOPTERS

      They're bound to get laid all the time!

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  • Depends on the glass, if they reflect the light, no. If not, yes.. better be clothed or use curtains next time

    • Yea after I thought of that I closed them lol. I just never thought of it before then I thought of how many years I been doing that and how many (if any) helicopter people have seen in my house.
      I think they reflect because it's double glass, but I'm gonna keep it closed anyway.

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