Guys, have you ever experienced any “fun ride” at the metro?

Well…you know what I mean!

To give you an example, yesterday when I was on my way home, I took a ride at the metro and it was pretty crowdy since it was Sunday. Thankfully it was crowdy in…a good way, at least in the wagon I was in! About 8-10 girls were at the same spot I was and there was only another guy except myself. And 4 among them were "surrounding" me haha!

I’m against the policy, you have to pay in order to use Public Transit…but in such cases it’s well deserved I believe!


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  • I'm a railfan. I love trains. Riding, filming, etc.
    I still remember a couple of years ago I was sitting with four hot girls across from me. They were having a dirty talk. I was wearing sunglasses so I was able to prevent the girls from knowing that I was looking at all of them. And I noticed all of them take a peek at me at a few times. I had to distract myself to prevent getting a boner from their dirty talk. It was a nice ride.


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