Am I going to feel like this for the rest of my life?

I keep hoping every single year that someday I'll forget her.

Everything reminds me of her and I can stop thinking of her hazelnut gaze.

I had a girlfriend a couple years ago, and to be honest I dated her because she reminded me of this other girl I used to know. We never dated, it was this "fling", and I had to cut off completely to try and move on - but I can't...

I've never spoken to anyone about how I feel because I'm scared they won't understand or they'll say I'm mad/obsessed.

Will I always feel this way for her? It's been 4 years!


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  • I think it might be a good idea to go to therapy/see a counselor about it. Even if you only go a couple of times they'll be able to help you, they have to keep everything conferencial and they are usually very open minded so won't judge you. You don't have to be going through anything huge or traumatic, etc., some people just go so they can vent/talk about things they don't feel comfortable sharing with friends/family.


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  • RedRobin is right that going to a therapy just might be what you need. The therapist should help and tell you how to move on. Four years is a long time. You will get over it. Nothing is easy, but nothing is imposible. By the way it is true that people need to talk about it (yes even men).

    Hope i helped somehow and good luck.


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  • Stopped reading at "hazelnut gaze" lool

    But for real it's been 4 years. Ya gotta move on.

  • You are obsessed with the idea of her (most likely), not HER To be honest. The mind has a way of playing tricks on you. Just forget you ever met her. She is prob. Just basic anyways.. .. .


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