Do you think my crush is a jerk?

We used to text a lot, but we haven't spoken in a while. I gave up trying because he claims to have panic attacks every time I try to hang out with him.
He shared his Twitter on his YouTube channel a month ago, so I've been following his tweets to see what he says. Sometimes he'll respond to people and say things like, "literally nothing, stop making dull memes," and, "the hell are you even famous for anyway?" He also makes his own posts and says the following:
"It sets me off when people make the same dumb mistake over and over again, yet complain like its the first time."
"It sets me off when people are the reason our generation is screwed."
"Some of this inspirational stuff I see makes me want to vomit."

Is this guy a jerk, or do you agree with him? He's not really my crush anymore, because I don't like his attitude.

  • Yes, he's being rude.
  • No, and I agree with what he says.
  • No, but it's borderline and I don't agree with it.
  • Other
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  • Definitely yeah

  • Yeah he is and I agree wit em!

  • I think this guy has issues. Move on


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