Would you do this if you were me?

So my close cousin is getting married around April time next year and he is going on his stag to Bangkok. Before my cousin said that because I was 16 I'm too young to go with him but on Sunday at a party two of my cousins were there (including the one getting married) They both said that I should come with them to Bangkok, I was surprised because before they told me I was too young. Anyway if I do go it means I will have to go with one of my other cousins but doing so will mean after Bangkok I will have to go to Hong Kong and then Dubai before returning back home. It may cut into some of my school time. What would you do in my situation? Ask if you need anymore information.


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  • Go and have fun.

    • Would you miss school for it? I will be starting my A-levels then which is what we need in the UK to go to university.

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