It wasn't real right?

Due to my past unresolved experience. I believe that the guy whom I dated was not real. But rather a foolish, traitor friend set me up in this trap probably thinking it was him that i've dated all along. In reality.. He never showed up. It was just text. When he say lets "FaceTime" It was my ex bff answering. I FaceTimed with my iPad. I question and texted him while on FaceTime " Where are you" I saw my screen go on pause as she left the FaceTime screen. Next thing I saw was the dot, dot, dot icon at the bottom left of my iMessage. My brain subconsciously thinks he's real bringing back events, and I just tell myself. Nope. it was all a game. What do you think. I don't know what to do. Him and my ex bff and I are going to be at the same school for first time since middle school. I want to make my last years of high school a year to remember.


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