Do you think people that want to adopt pets should?

That they should be given a test to take an animal home? Nowadays I see it so often that animals are adopted from shelters or puppy mills or breeders and end up in a shelter because of 'issues' while it's really because the owner didn't raise/train them well.

Do you think they should be given a test for the animals needs?
for example, if they want a dog, depending on age they are given a test of basic psychology and raising?

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  • Any and all instances when people gain a responsibility over another life - newly born child, adopted child, adopted pet and etc, there should be some basic examination conducted of them.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I definitely think people and organizations should be aware of the kind of home the animal is going to before letting them go home with someone, although it is sometimes hard to do. I've seen bad things happen especially with horses in which they end up being neglected because the owners can no longer afford to feed/care them but choose to keep them anyway (I hate these people), they end up with someone who has no idea how to handle or care for them, or someone who isn't a good match for their experience level, or they end up being flipped to a sale barn or resold for profit (I also hate these people).
    All of my animals are with me for the rest of their lives unless I am ever in a dire situation in which I can no longer afford to feed them or provide the care they need, or if something happens to me. Luckily, I have family that would take them in either of those cases. However, if I ever did have to rehome them, they would not go to just anyone. If at all possible, I would donate my horses to a therapy program since they are very docile and I know they would be cared for and probably retired out there for the remainder of their lives, and I would try to rehome my cats to family or friends that I could trust. Sadly, you don't always have that option though and there's only so much a contract or background check can do.
    I think the test idea is great though.


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What Guys Said 2

  • The RSPCA come and check your house to see if you're capable of taking care of an animal.

    • But I mean an actual test, as in a series of questions that need to be answered correctly.

    • They probably ask stuff but I don't remember.

    • That's still not the same, but thanks!

  • No I dont think so.


What Girls Said 2

  • Absolutely, and I think that should be the case for professional breeders as well (I mean responsible breeders - not puppy mills). I'm so sick of seeing people buy a purebred puppy because "they just like the breed" and then rehome the dog within a year because they didn't bother to research the breed they liked so much.

    Last year, my boyfriend and I decided we were ready to adopt a dog. He, knowing close to nothing about dogs, chose potential dogs based solely on how cute they were (and their age - he wanted a puppy). I shut that down quickly lol, and made it clear we're going to find an adult dog that suits our personalities. We're not active, and we both work full-time so don't have time for potty training. We eventually settled on a sweet 2 year old Beagle mix who was more than happy to be a couch potato with us. But I just keep thinking it's lucky I didn't let him have his choice of dog! I've educated myself on dog training and behavior for years.

    • Yea! It's also very good of you to educate your boyfriend, lol. I couldn't agree more, and I'm glad I was explained at a younga age you don't pick a breed; you pick a dog.

  • Yes! Too many people want pets but have no idea how to take care of them or don't have the ability or time to. It's unfair to the animals who also need time and attention and love.