Does my mum think I can't really do it?

I keep telling her I wanted to switch to Accounting. I have a business degree.

She rolls her eyes and says no I should do marketing or something.

I told her I wanted to take the courses this term and she said no do it later. So I didn't. Now when I bring it up she says forget about it.

I am so mad, did she just take me for a ride thinking I can't do it and she just needs to make excuses until I give up? I secured myself an accounting internship.

I fucking hate her right now. I am going to be even more behind because of her stupidity.


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  • Your mother is a straight up bitch. I've never said that about any mom but she is. She is supposed to encourage and push her child not disgusted about her decisions. Accountants make bank. Ik I am one 😏

    • I am going to be one year behind if I take up accounting. i am so screwed.

      I finished the degree but I didn't take accounts.

      I seriously can't stand the sight of her right now

    • Bit you have the internship lines up and secured. Can you get credits for it? One year is nothing it could be another 4!
      I don't blame you she is being a child basically

  • Prove her wrong


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