Can you say no?

I have a problem that I really find it hard to say no. Even when sometimes I feel like it I just can't utter it :(
Its led me to difficult situations, multiple times.


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  • I can say no. You have to stand up for yourself or people will stand on you. Saying no isn't the worst thing ever. I'm sure the person won't even take it as a big deal.

    • Exactly. I have been smashed by lots of people haha. Its the fear of losing someone or hurting them that makes me confused. I don't know how to get rid of that fear/guilt. Perhaps I should give them a chance of (not) judging me :/

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    • Haha, that's a good way! And thank you! :)

    • Thank you for MHG! :)

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  • No. See how easy that was op ;) You don't have to say yes to everything or no to everything. Otherwise, you'll be taken advantage of realllll quick.

    • You're right. The irony is that the people whom you do things for, by going out of the way and beyond your strength. They just don't acknowledge or appreciate it. If they never took an advantage then it never would have been a problem. But yes I really need to learn how to say it. ):

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    • I love him haha

  • No..