The dislike button is back?

I thought gag was wayyyy better off without that dislike button lol


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  • Take it with a grain of salt, a lot of people wanted it back. At least people now get to actually delete their questions, that's been requested for a while as well.

    • but we can't delete opinions tho which sucks cuz I have wayyyyyy too many stupid ones

    • @idkwtftoputhere As I see it, it's a good thing that people can't remove their own opinions, so that trolls will be noticed and dealt with. Being able to spout offensive comments about, only to remove and deny everything isn't exactly beneficial to a community. It's in the FAQ as well, to watch what you post, as to not get post-regret. I can understand why one would want to, however, if they make too many silly comments. ^.^

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  • Yaaay, ditch most helpful and show a like to dislike ratio.
    Then we can truly see who has the best opinions.

  • It was incredible back in the day, with the button!


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