Who likes to get their tin foil hats on?

Who here enjoys a good conspiracy theory? I'm very intrigued by the thought of UFO's myself and what they could be.

Do we have the technology? 👽 lol

What if there's a whole side of existence we don't even understand yet? Like how do we even have any clue as to why or how things are the way they are?


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  • I love an interesting conspiracy! My favorite is that Atlantis was a futuristic society (similar to ours). The Atlanteans traveled the world and shared their technology and architecture, which is why we have pyramids on different continents.

    • I don't know if I've heard that one. I've just heard the ones where aliens from the Orion constellation came down and built the Pyramids of Giza (hence their arrangement being uncannily similar to Orion's Belt) lol

    • Oh, that could explain Stonehenge too!

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  • I love a good conspiracy. Interesting fact- every single US President bar the 8th, President Martin Van Buren (yes, even including Barack Obama) can trace their patrilineage back to King John I of England (the villain in Robin Hood), and are all members of the Capetian Dynasty. They're also all descendants of former Grand Masters of the Knights Templar. And of all the candidates who ran in the Republican and Democratic run-offs to represent their party in the upcoming election to decide the next US President, there were only two of them who could also trace their patrilineages back to King John I and the Knights Templar, as with all the other US Presidents for the past 200yrs or so- John Ellis 'Jeb' Bush, and Donald John Trump. Might the USA's holy crusade against Islam in the Holy Land actually have deeper, older roots than we know?

    • For my aliens theory, I'd go back to the End-Ediacaran extinction event, 542 million years ago, when all of the living things on earth which weren't micro-organisms, the Ediacaran biota, were suddenly and mysteriously rendered extinct. The earliest fossil records in the Cambrian, just after the Ediacaran period, shows that the Cambrian explosion, which gave rise to the Animal kingdom which we see today (along with the very first multi-cellular plants and fungi, which emerged simultaneously), didn't happen straight away, but 0.3>2 million years later.

      This data seems consistent with the radiation of an entirely new kingdom of life, animals, to fill in vacant niches, left empty as an extinction cleared out all of the pre-existing fauna. The boundary between the Cambrian and Pre-Cambrian was also marked by an inexplicable massive and sudden surge of the calcium concentration in Earth's oceans, and by a similarly inexplicable massive fall in the abundance of carbon-13 across the planet.

    • Could it be possible that these strange creatures, the Ediacaran biota, which had a completely different design to life on Earth today, were the original, indigenous equivalent to animals on our planet? And that their total extinction, and wholesale replacement by the Animal kingdom, which appeared out of nowhere and took over in the Cambrian explosion, along with the first multi-cellular plants and fungi- along with the depletion of carbon-13, massive upsurge in calcium in Earth's oceans, and the unparalleled levels of global warming which finally brought an end to the repeated Snowball Earth periods once and for all, have been as a result of aliens invading and/or colonising our planet, terraforming it and exploiting its resources for their own ends for a short period? Could the entire animal kingdom potentially have originated elsewhere, and be an invasive alien kingdom on Earth?

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  • I don't actually believe in conspiracy theories but talking about them can be quite a lot of fun.
    However, I think the one with the aliens is a really bad one because it's just so obviously impossible.

    • In a universe so seemingly infinite, you think it is "obviously impossible?"

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    • possible that aliens travel fast but not quite that fast (maybe with 1% of the speed of light). However, this would turn even very short trips into journeys of thousands or millions of years. The Alpha Centauri system is just our neighbor and it is most likely not inhabited - think about star systems far away in our galaxy or even far beyond our galaxy.
      Of course we can't know everything with our technology but it seems at least HIGHLY unlikely that an alien race would travel millions of years to get to our planet.
      And here we haven't even taken into consideration that they first would have to actually find us and be interested in us.

    • The thing is though, there are now known to be an awful lot of habitable worlds out there in relative proximity to our own. Alpha Centauri isn't a prime candidate, but several other nearby systems are; the closest habitable planet yet confirmed is only 13.8 light years away, and even now, we're developing new technologies, experimental reactionless Quantum Resonance Drives and the like, which would facilitate constant acceleration and could potentially enable interstellar spacecraft to travel at speeds of up to 50% of the speed of light, and potentially make a one-way trip there in only 70yrs. Then, you have to consider that the galaxy's been around for a pretty long time. Hence the reason why I think that my ancient aliens theory is borderline plausible; it's mathematically unlikely for any intelligent life forms to be travelling the cosmos in our vicinity now, but far less unlikely that aliens may have paid the Sol System a visit in the past billion years.

  • I do not.

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