How can I be happy?

Lately I've been depressed because right now it feels like one thing happens right after another. First my mom and I got kicked out of our house. Then my birthday was ruined and I didn't get any party. We get our house back 1 month later trashed and my brother left to my grandmas. Then on the way to church we get in a car accident. Only minor injuries car was totaled. My mom kicked a super close friend right out of our lives. He was like a dad I've always wanted. I accidentally killed my phone and my mom is taking forever to get me a new one. Also i really miss my best guy friend that I haven't seen in 2 years. Now currently I haven't been to church in three weeks and my dad is in the hospital. How can I be happy in this situation? This is just too much! :'( :'( :'(


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  • U hope your situation gets better. Sorry to hear about all that bad stuff happening to you. Try to hang in their and be strong. And don't loose help. I predict good things will come your way soon. Try to stay positive.


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  • I'm going through about the same exact thing.. it has been hard to be happy through back to back to back tragedies lately. I have had extreme suicidal thoughts and lately I feel it's the only option I have to relieve this extreme stress. I've tried jerking off 5 times a day but the pain relief is only temporary because the events just keep happening and the memories of these tragedies eat my emo soul alive.. I'm gonna see if seeing my favorite screamo artists at a concert helps the stress, if not I'm chugging the bleach. Goodnight (:


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