It's not a cop vs black thing but more so an evolution thing?

I was thinking today about why some white cops may view certain blacks as threats. First thing we have to understand is that we humans are animals no matter how advance you may think we are. When a dog is treated badly by humans it starts to fear humans. We humans much like other animals look for patterns of threats.

I believe there is an issue within black society that needs to be fixed. How you present yourself or race is important. When all people see on TV is a stereotype black thuggish actor and thuggish music videos it will INSTINCTIVELY make people judge you as a negative entity.

Is it wrong to be judge based on stereotypes? Yes it's very wrong, but we humans are still animals that are programmed to look for threats in patterns. Black culture in many ways present threatening patterns. How you dress, body language, voice, speaking pattern all matter.

Which black person do you feel comfortable standing around? These two black men
It's not a cop vs black thing but more so an evolution thing?or this this well dressed black man that ISN'T presenting himself as a threat. I bet you're feeling comfortable looking at the guy below.
Instead of viewing racism as a great evil we need to understand what it is. It all comes down to evolution. Keeping the gene pool clean, hatred of outside threats are evolutionary strategies for keeping the group alive during our primitive existence.

Now by understanding what drives racism at an evolutionary level you see how flawed our evolution as human beings is. Why is that? Because reproducing with outside groups can create stronger better Immunity.

People like to say love will stop racism but that's all bullshit. science and understanding helps in reality. While bad cops do need to get fired blacks also need to do their part by presenting themselves better.


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  • Great take... you have great insight.


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  • Even as I white person, I find that rather offensive. The truth is that there are TONS of black people in the US who present themselves very civilly and they still become victims of racism. Take Barack Obama. Regardless of whether you like his politics or not, it is a fact that he was the victim of right-wing racism numerous times. Would anyone have ever questioned Bush's birth certificate? Would anyone ever have accused Bill Clinton of secretly being a muslim? No, of course not. It seems absurd.
    Only when it's a black guy (a well-dressed one, that is), it suddenly seems totally normal for some people.

    There are black people in other countries too. Take the UK. Some of them are good people, others are not. Just like everywhere. Yet, the problems between black and white in the UK are not even a fraction of what's happening in the US. The truth is that the extremely overdramatic and sensationalist American media LOVES to portray African Americans in a certain way. They could easily talk more about black Harvard students or black artists but that's not gonna stir the audience enough, so instead they show black thugs and rapists and whatnot.

    Also, please note that white police officers and private security guards in the US have shot and killed unarmed black teenagers COUNTLESS times. Black teenagers that clearly were NOT a threat to anyone.
    The truth is that America has SERIOUS issues with police brutality. I can't think of any other first world country where people (white and black) regularly film themselves during encounters with the police because they're so scared to get fucked over by some corrupt or violent police officer. Before America doesn't recognize this serious problems instead of just turning its head and glorifying the police, things will only get worse and worse - and they're already beyond crazy now.

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