If you were the founder of a noble house, what would your sigil look like?

If you were the founder of a noble house, what would your sigil look like?
the pink represents strip clubs and the red represents the blood of our enemies. the dollar bill in the middle represents the money we rake in from the pole XD

what's yours look like and what's it represent?

i wanted people to actually make a banner at http://www.jointherealm.com/ tho XD


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  • I made it but I don't know how to put it here.

    • download it then upload it onto imgur. com then link it here

    • Thanks


      The different colors and icons present represent the two sides of the same coin that exist in the heart of every WilddΓ©or. The red and the Dragon represent that primal thirst for battle, conquest and domination that drives man to both their lowest and highest points. The blue and the book represent those personality traits of charm and value of learning that allow us to maintain a civilized facade. These two things together is what makes up our motto. Walk the earth on two legs as a creature of civility but fight with four as a demon of fire and blood. Your thirst for knowledge should be just as great as your thirst for your enemies' lives. THIS is what it means to be WilddΓ©or! THIS is what it means to be the lion roaring atop the mountain that is the world!

    • i m inspired lmfaoo

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  • A big kissy face emoji cause we're all about that love