How is this for a college students grocery list?

I am trying to figure out a budget and do my finances right so ideally, I can move out in a year. And figured an average grocery list for every month is a good place to start.
2 gallons of milk
dozen eggs
dark chocolate
English muffins
greek yogurt
frozen fruit
Peanut butter
Frozen chicken breasts
ground turkey
bell peppers
quick oats
a healthy fruit juice


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  • Well I hope there is a cheap grocery store next to you. Some of these items like dark chocolate and Greek yogurt maybe a little expensive. Get rid of fruit juice.

    • It totaled up to $150 based on Walmarts price for food and Walmart is not the cheapest but it is the closest. Thinking of adding vitamins

    • Sure, that could work

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  • You might need more eggs.
    If you like, canned black beans and chick peas save the day for me in college, they're great for filling you up.
    Also, brown rice is a good investment bc you stay fuller longer.
    You might do better buying a small blender and making your own juice, those at the store can be really expensive and full of sugar and little of anything good.
    Also, if you like, when corn is on sale for 3 for a dollar, get like 2 dollars worth and you can have all types of deliciousness.
    English muffins are probably going to be more than they're worth as an every day item because you will have to rebuy almost every week.
    A bag of potatoes is great because they last a long time, fill you up, and are cheap. The holy trinity. haha.

    Another thing, definitely take advantage of free food whenever you can and branch out because a lot of clubs have free snacks and meals during meetings, if you can coordinate those days well, you can get free passes for meals-saving you lots of money. Around exam time, there's usually an organization or two that will offer a place to study AND pizza and snacks <3 take advantage XD it's worth it


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  • Uh you might not be able to afford that.
    What is helpful is to make a giant pot of meals every week or so like chili and freeze them

  • That's a pretty decent list. You may want to consider buying some veggies and fruit from a farmer's market rather than a grocery store produce aisle

  • If that encompasses the entire menu, then it's more or less fine. Don't buy all these things in one go, though.
    Dairy products do not preserve well.
    Fruit doesn't last long.

    • True. Some things I won't be buying every month. Like spices and quick oats and those both last a long time.

  • Here's my college roommate's list:

    1) Ramen noodles
    2) Beer


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  • Don't forget bread! And I would add potatoes. You can do a lot with them. And onions, they add a little something to a lot of stuff. You probably don't need to buy peanut butter and jelly each month unless you use a lot so that could help the budget a little. I don't know what your budget is though. Are you going to have a kitchen? I was in a dorm room when I started college and they made everyone get meal plans. This stuff sounds way better than what I ate there.

    • Yes I will have a small kitchen. Potatoes are a good thing to add. I only added peanut butter and jelly because it's quick to make breakfast or lunch with.

    • If you want a good snack food too, I would put popcorn in there. Not the microwave kind. Just the regular stuff to make over the stove because if you don't add butter it's not bad for you and it's filling and inexpensive. Just sprinkle a dash of onion salt over it if you want some nice flavor!

  • You can go on Pinterest and find loads of different budget friendly recipes and meal plans and stuff; you can set aside time on a Sunday to makes meals for every day of the week or make food like a large batch of soup or something (if you like soup) that will last you all week

  • That's great, if you're independently wealthy. Most of the foods on that list are too expensive for the average student.

  • It's good.