What make the two recent shooting a racist?

Not trying to say happened was right (or wrong) i just dont understand why its a racial issue. Did the police say something racist, do they have a history?


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  • I think the thing that makes people classify things of this nature as being racist is the assumption that had the victim been white, the outcome would be different. It's also because of racial profiling that, though it's denied as being used, tends to lead a certain ethnicity to be targeted. I know that it's not exactly the same, but there are times I travel downtown that I get pulled over for silly things like a tag light being out. I get pulled over because when my plates are run, the county I live in shows up, there's a huge heroin problem in my county and people travel into the city to buy it. So, white chick from certain county driving downtown equals drug purchaser. But this is where the similarity ends. People would say that the officer (s) approaching me in my vehicle have a completely different attitude than if I wasn't white. It's likely to be true.
    Although I've only been in trouble with the law once, I still have a respect for officers born out of fear. Once I see the lights and I'm pulled over, my hands stay on top of my steering wheel in the officers sight until he asks for my license and registration. Before I reach for them, I tell him of the knife on my hip, explain where the items are and then retrieve them. After I give them to the officer, my hands go back to the steering wheel and remain there until my id and registration are handed back. It sounds ridiculous, but it gives the officer one less thing to worry about. I always address them with manners and respect, because their job is terribly difficult. There are those who abuse their power, but it's not every single cop you come in contact with. And because an officer doesn't know me from anyone else, they have to be cautious and stern.


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  • Well in the case with the Asian cop (I'm only saying his ethnicity just to make it clear which incident I'm talking about.) I don't think a situation like that would ever happen with a white suspect but it has happened more than once with a black one.

    The dude did everything right and still he got gunned down. I don't think the cop is some black hating psychopath just trying to kill black people because in the video it's very clear he's upset about the fact he just killed the man but I think he probably has some prejudices that got the better of him in the heat of the moment. That's the real issue that needs to be fixed. It's not about stopping people who blatantly hate black people but just the minor prejudices that plague most of us americans regardless of race that in a serious situation can lead to serious detriment of black people.

    • so its racist because you think it was. Dont you think we need some facts before calling it racist?

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    • I know. Again I don't think he hates black people. In the video he's yelling and his voice is cracked because he's completely shooken up by the fact he just killed the man. I just think though that it's very likely he made the call to kill him because he believed the guy was going for a gun when he wasn't and I don't think he would have assumed some white person (you know a white guy who doesn't look like a druggie) would be going for a gun in that situation.

      But you're every bit in justified to believe that it wasn't racially motivated at all just as some can claim it was out of hatred of black people. My view is simply somewhere in the middle of the two extremes.

    • thanks. i wasn't trying to argue i just wanted to understand better. I just think its damaging to everyone to throw "racism" out all the time.

  • Are you watching the same video coverage I am? If so, you're either dead from the neck up, or the daughter of one of the cops.

    • i watched the video. tell me what makes it racist?

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    • It's very clear you see only what you want to see, which is probably what happened with your English books as well.

    • I can see this going nowhere. All you can do is name call. If its so obvious you should be able to say something from the video that makes it racist.

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