Where do you go to school?

I just had my orientation at Western New England University.
It was freaking awesome and I love it there
I also won a shirt
where do you go/ have graduated from?
If your younger what's your goal school


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  • My goal is studying in England or New York

    • Thanks for mho

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  • Never went to college.

    • That's ok there's many paths to a long happy life

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    • I came from a town where very one was college obsessed
      All my friends were like merch sucks and stuff lien that
      I love those guys get why get shit on all the time
      It's messed up, we need them

    • Mechanics and stuff like that

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  • i would tell you but its confidential

    • Thanks
      Come on blue anon
      What's the worst that could happen
      Have some pride

    • I'm just careful online.. Call me paranoid lol... Alright it's. _____ institute of technology

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