How do I stop feeling so insecure?

I'm done University.

However, currently I am jobless. I am bored. I am missing school.

I don't really know how to like... stop feeling this way?

And more importantly, stop showing it. It's a nightmare.


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  • Well that's fucking fantastic. I just wrote a real in-depth 1.1k character opinion and I wasn't signed in, being on my phone it didn't save. It was more than likely an incoherent rambling but here I go again.

    I'd suggest watching motivational videos, a lot of people say this is what works for them, however I'm in the same situation of sorts, just finished college, looking for a job, don't have too much of a social life.

    Ya know thinking about it, I'm not sure what my secret is to stop myself being insecure or depressed. I've been through some shit in my life and I feel like it's wrong that I feel as happy as I am, and personally not being too attractive I used to be quite insecure about how I look, and the fact I'm currently doing nothing with my life.

    To be fair, there is no secret, at some point in life you've just got to do it for yourself, don't worry about showing insecurity, that's an insecurity in itself.

    Find yourself a hobby, and don't worry about the no job situation, you'll find one eventually. You can't come out of university and get a degree immediately.

    Just try to make new friends, socialise with current friends, search for a job, but again, most of all don't live for others or be worried about how you're seen from other's perspective.

    Do things for yourself!


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  • do you have a support net? friends or family that could help you feel better?

    • No friends. Yeah I have my mom.

    • no friends? literally no one you could hang out with?

    • Yup. No friends at all.

      I cut everyone off. I wonder if people think I'm a freak.

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  • You go on sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, etc. and search for jobs. Simultaneously study material related to the profession you are going for.

  • Maybe try to find some activity or job that you enjoy doing so that you are not so bored and always thinking about everything that's wrong all the time?


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