A random woman offer me a job out of nowhere should I be concern?

That she some weirdo or she works for a gang that will corner me and kidnap me as a sex slave? if I ever met up with her? I gave her resume I didn't want to be rude but I didn't put my address on there. But my address is online in on the yellowpage site should I be concerned? I'm not planning to get a interview with her I just ignore it but I'm scare she or someone she knows will start stalking me.


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  • Get to know a little bit about her and what she do, then afterwards, don't bother with her. Why get info on her? Cause when you call the cops you be like " I dunno, I don't know, I really dunno." but hey that's jus me.

    • Yeah she didn't give me a name, lets see if she calls. I going to stop worrying until I see her near my house or some creepy guy that shouldn't be in my neighborhood and with proof is just being creepy. (like sitting in a car for hours on end in front of the buildings). After this occurrence occur.

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    • I just want to say she call today (I didn't speak to her but my mom did) and the company is real :) I'm going to try to get a interview with her.

    • Let me know how it goes. I'll give you samurais sword fo free. Hope all goes well and such. Good luck!

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  • I would never-ever accept an offer like this until I was able to verify the job really exists and the person offering it is involved with the company hiring.
    Google can answer this and more quite easily.
    Thank the person and tell the person you will get back with them.
    Don't become a victim. Be safe.

    • I couldn't barely hear what she was saying honestly I have bad hearing.

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    • Ok I try :)

    • You will see there is nothing to be shy about. Awesome! :0)

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