Please help I need advice?

I am 15 years old and next year I will be going to a boarding school where there are no girls I will be there for my highschool career and maybe more I have never done anything with a girl in my life so I was wondering how could I meet a girl online so we can do some sexual things together because this will be my last chance to do something with a girl so please does anyone know how I could find girls to do things with me and age does not matter much to me thank you for he help


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  • If you have another chance to study , I think it will be better for your social life because a highschool period without girls will make you less social person after highschool also and you will have to more work to be an average social person when others become more social and maybe you will not learn how to talk to a girl because between 14 18 ages so important to self development anyway you got the idea

  • "because this will be my last chance to do something with a girl"

    No, it won't be. Now that this is settled back to your scheduled frivolous panicking.

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