Have you ever been on holiday yourself? What's your opinion on it and what age were you?

Has anyone ever been on holiday themselves. I really want to go abroad this year to relax but none of my friends seem to want to go where I want to go and their choices include places where it's full of clubbing and drunk teens and I'm not into that. I want to go somewhere luxurious and calm. I found this beautiful place in Marbella and it's quite and safe. Do you think it's okay for me to go alone for a week? I would be staying in the hotel most of the time and maybe hit the beach or go shopping one day during the day.


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  • Yeah I made a solo trip to Houston. And I did exactly what you're saying - stayed in the hotel, shopped, and then one night went to Mardi Gras with my cousin.

    Otherwise I spent it all by myself just enjoying being away from home and relaxing.

    • What age where you? I'm only 19 and I'm abit nervous plus Marbella is in Spain so English isn't the main language and I don't know any Spanish except the basics

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    • Okay and this place I'm going to is 20mins taxi ride from town. What should I do when inside a taxi

    • I've never had any issues with sketchy taxi drivers so I can't help you there.

  • No. I'm not he type that can vacation by themselves