Should I Drop out of Yr Twelve?

For the people who have a different school system (for example I barely understand what a freshman is. Makes me think of university but apparently freshmen are early teens? I dunno) Year 12 is the last year of school before university or college.

I want to drop out. I was determined and always have been to be the first of my family to actually finish year twelve. I wanted to be that one. Figured it'd make me look like less of an idiot in their eyes. Make certain people stop calling me a retard (because that's ever gonna happen).

But I can't do it. I have tried, but it's only half way through the year. I have exams in a couple months and I know nothing about how to do the exam for most of my subjects.
I hate English. I'm way behind in psychology, I'm only good at the prac of art, the theory smacks me a new one, and drama is just a whole nother pile of shit and expectations that I am unable to fill.

Holidays finished yesterday, and I am panicking just at the thought of going back. School started ten minutes ago and I'm still sitting here at home trying to stop crying, and actually get going.
This is all more stress than I'm willing to take and my anxiety is having a lot of fun at my expense.

My plan is to find a full time job, and once that's secured to drop out. I can handle a job. Once you learn what you need it's just the same thing over and over. Easy.
Worst thing would be co-workers and maybe a few bullshit customers if I'm in customer service. Though I found bad customers simply funny when I worked at Maccas.

What do you think?


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  • I can tell you one thing: our generation will have it tough. Of course there are regional differences but as a general rule, it doesn't matter whether you live in China, Australia, America or Western Europe. If you're young now, you will most likely have it harder during your working life as your parents had it. Having to change your job more than once during your life time, being paid bad for long work hours or being fired for "economic reasons" are all things you must expect as a member of the working or middle class. And on top of that, you have to expect that your pension will be shitty... at least it will not be as comfy as it will be for your parents.
    This is not some tinfoil head theory. Our global economy is more and more striving towards inequality. The top 0.1% of the world's population adds billions upon billions to their wealth every single year while the rest of us have to scrape up what's left. I can tell you with almost complete certainty that this trend will go on and that things will get pretty rough for many of us during the next 50 years or so.
    The number one way to combat this in your personal life - and frankly, the ONLY way to combat it - is education. The better your education, the higher will be your qualifications. The higher your qualifications, the better chances you will have on the job market. The better jobs you get, the less likely you will fall into poverty.
    I can only HIGHLY recommend you to cherish your education and work your ass off as much as you can to get the highest education possible. You might not see the point of it right now but trust me, when you're 45 and you just got fired from a job and living on social welfare, it will make a HUGE difference whether you've got an M. A. degree or whether you've just finished high school and been doing manual labor all your life. People who work at Maccas or Walmart or places like that are REPLACEABLE. Being replaceable means you're basically fucked for life. You don't want to be replaceable, you want to have some real expertise in a specific field that will make you unique and indispensable for your employer. This is the only way to have at least a good chance that you won't get royally fucked over.

    • I am very aware of all this. I have completed a course at a local college for gaming graphics, which is almost a guaranteed pathway to a university in Melbourne (my state capital) which will get me into the fastest growing industry. If I can get into that course, which is almost guaranteed, then i will be set.

      I just need a job to make up for living expenses and to pay off the course itself. Year twelve is not required. My ATAR score does not go into account for this course, only past experience and my current abilities.

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  • Im sorry school is so anxiety provoking but you made it this far! Don't give up when you're so close! Quitting may seem right now but you will regret it in the future!

    I'm an educator/school psychologist... talk to your teachers and see if there are any adjustments to your schedule or accommodations to your classwork ; if you can -get a tutor (there are free ones including free online ones) or go for extra help w/teachers - I know the last thing you want is more school but they are very effective. Figure out how to control your anxiety and how to set yourself up to succeed -definitely seek help from the school ccounselor /guidance counselor as a first step; learn strategies: more effective time management; calming exercises/relaxation techniques, re-framing etc) Maybe you might even want to consider meds if you absolutely need them to take the edge off.. And, there are so many more things you can do too,!

    Please, whatever you do find some help at school and don't give up! You're so close! Think about how proud you and your family will be when you graduate! And you need at least a HD degree to get a decent job nowadays... the greatest gift you can give yourself today - which will affect all of your tomorrows- is your education!

    Hang in there!


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  • Thats the thing its only half way through the year, you just have a little more to go, you've already made it this far. Its okay to hate these things however just study and you can go work after wards.