I'm always so angry or sad any tips?

Like the title says, I can't help but to find myself always grumpy. It's almost just my casual thing I do smile and get happy for a brief moment but right away I just snap back to grumpy. It's been like this for some time now. I don't exactly know the question I'm asking besides if this happens to anyone else?🤔


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  • It doesn't happen to me on such a consistent bases like you have expressed , but there are times it would be easier than others to draw up a "F" the world attitude


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  • Anger is a outward masifestation of hurt , unhappiness , humiliation or frustration. It's a natural human response, although everyone displays anger differently.

    When people are sad it's a sign they need to make changes in their life. Plus , they usually need to change their outlook on certain things which cause them to be negative.

    Life doesn't get better by chance, it gets better by change. So try to get to the root cause of your anger and sadness and then confront it. Set goals for yourself to make positive changes in your life.

    People care sad and angry for a reason. So you need to find out what the reasons are before you can make changes


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  • You are not living your true feminine essence that's why


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