Will euro fall more?

I think of buying some euros for my future. Do you think it will fall or rise?

if it'll rise, now i'll buy euros.
if it's fall, now i'll buy dollars.


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  • If the Euro Falls, the Dollar will die.. It is heading in this direction. QE4 is starting soon.
    Of all of my Research, @idontknoww123, Buy Silver and Gold.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for your advice. But is it ok to buy gold in summer? I mean gold is expensive in summer, it usually falls in winter.

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    • So is ut good idea to buy gold in summer? If so im gonna buy it

    • Yes, hun, time to jump on it now. xx

What Guys Said 2

  • They dont raise or fall so much

    • yes, but in this case, there might be exception. because UK is leaving EU

    • The UK is not gonna leave in a short period, even Cameron is still president although he's resigned.

  • the markets are up and down so much at the moment and can't truly be predicted where it will settle so i would say gold or silver

    • WOW everyone suggests gold. maybe i should buy gold. but what's with the gold? i mean won't gold fall at all?

    • its always steady whereas currencies are all over the place given the uncertainty of brexshit and unrest in the middle east