How many of you don't care nor have great memories about your schools?

The only school I've ever care about was college. Even more on 2011, when I went back to college (after taking a long break due to personal circumstances) and recently got my Bachelor's degree a couple weeks ago for the first time.

I practically hated both grade (starting in 4th grade) and Junior High because I would either get picked on every single day or had to deal with jerks. I was basically the girl that hardly anyone likes.

HS years felt like a meh, whatever to me; I had few friends and was only known for getting good grades; otherwise I was invisible to others. I didn't love it nor hate it. At least, no more ''everyday insults nor social bullyings'' but every now and then, there was still a jerk or obnoxious, loud people explaining about their issues on their cell phone. One particular time when I was in 11th grade, this jerk (total coward because he wouldn't have done it to another guy) kept bothering me at the bus for days and one day, I went to the Principal's office to report it. Problem solved and he stopped or else he would be suspended.

Honestly, I was surprised that I still had to deal with a total jerk at the age of 17.


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  • I have a few good memories of JR high , but that's the only fond ones I have

    • That's cool to hear I'm not alone. The most hated year for me was 7th grade, I truly hated that school year with a passion.

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    • I hated fighting , but being beat up sucks so much worse

    • Thank you young Lady

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  • I don't.
    I left HS & never ever looked back. I don't even admit I went to that school.
    I only went to college for a short time. I liked the teachers. It wasn't really a dictatorship.
    I fell into a good job & never had to finish college.


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